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ELA CCGPS Professional Learning ScheduleUpdated 11-15-2011

All webinar materials for grades K-12 can be accessed using the link below:
Webinar Materials and Performance Tasks

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Crosswalks, Curriculum Maps, Teacher Guidance Documents & *Resource Packets

*Resource packets for most grades available now.

The crosswalks, curriculum maps and teacher guidance documents combined by grade level for grades K-8 can be found on the CCGPS Rollout page.


Kindergarten Crosswalk
Grade 1 Crosswalk
Grade 2 Crosswalk
Grade 3 Crosswalk
Grade 4 Crosswalk
Grade 5 Crosswalk
Grade 6 Crosswalk
Grade 7 Crosswalk
Grade 8 Crosswalk
Grade 9 Crosswalk
Grade 10 Crosswalk
Grade 11 Crosswalk
Grade 12 Crosswalk

Curriculum Maps

Grades K-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12
Kindergarten Grade 6 Grade 9
Grade 1 Grade 7 Grade 10
Grade 2 Grade 8 Grade 11
Grade 3 Grade 12
Grade 4
Grade 5

Teacher Guidance Documents

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9 Literature & Composition
Grade 10 Literature & Composition
Advanced Composition
World Literature (Reading Only)
American Literature Guide Reading Only)
Multicultural Literature (Reading Only)
British Literature (Reading Only)
Grade10 Writing, Speaking & Listening, Language
Grades11-12 Writing, Speaking & Listening, Language

 Other Resources

Resource Packets-Depending on the grade, packets may contain:

  • Sample Instructional Units
  • Sample Text Complexity Rubrics
  • Grade-level CCGPS Standards
  • Sample Performance Rubrics & Graphic Organizers
  • Teacher Guidance Documents, Selected Pages
  • Curriculum Map
  • Resource Locator with Glossary

CCSS Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks (This document is broken down by grade level on the CCGPS Rollout page for easier navigation)
CCSS Appendix C: Samples of Student Writing (This document is broken down by grade level on the CCGPS Rollout page for easier navigation)
Language Progressive Skills Chart
Text Complexity Rubric
ELA Reporter Newsletter

Vertical Alignment by Anchor Strand & Grade Level






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